We specialize in making software and digital solutions for funeral agencies, families and bereaved.

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  • Bitnet
  • Adstate
  • Timecut
  • Baldris

about us

Legatech Group provides software and digital solutions to help funeral homes to become more efficient and profitable. Legatech Group owns 100% of Bitnet, Adstate, Timecut and Baldris, and through our operating companies we serve more than thousand funeral homes in Northern Europe.

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The companies in Legatech Group have worked side by side for many years. They have a lot of shared knowledge and experience that will benefit our industry. It will be very exciting to follow this company and their mission in digitalizing and support funeral homes going forward.

Ulf Lernéus Director of SBF (Fedoration of Swedish Funeral Homes) and
President of EFFS (European Federation of Funeral Services)

The digitalizing of the funeral industry has developed rapidly the past years. Many companies have contributed to this process. The establishment of Legatech Group consisting of Adstate, Bitnet and Timecut is exciting, and hopefully it will benefit the further progress of the funeral industry in the future.

Gunnar Hammersmark Executive Director Funeral Federation of Norway/ Virke Gravferd